Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two More Gems from the Welch Collection

As mentioned in an earlier post, Bill Welch was especially fond of Essays, Proofs and Covers. Here is a charming postal stationery place proof and cover.

A plate proof on India paper showing the plate layout for the 1890 3 centavos single and message & reply postal cards. Bill had these in several different colors, although none are very common.

A lovely 1893 cover from San Salvador to Cincinnati, Ohio. The 25c value is not common on cover. These stamps paid 4 times the postage rate (11c per 15g), registration (10c) and Acknowledgement of Receipt (5c) with an 8c overpayment.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Covers from the Welch Collection

The 20c postal stationery of 1892 used to Germany. The registration fee was 10 centavos and the postal fee was 11c so this was underpaid by 1c. High denomination postal stationery items are very scarce used.

This is a domestic official mail item. No stamps were ever needed for domestic official mail. The use of the demonetized 1897 envelope was just for an envelope. The 12c paid nothing.