Saturday, September 12, 2009

Request for Help

A reader of this blog asked a question I do not have an answer for, so I am hoping that someone will be able to do so.

How would the postage costs, consisting of Colombian national stamps, been settled between the private carrier and the Colombian Governmental Post, in the case where the private carrier not had issued its OWN stamps? This question is also valid for the time-period after the private carrier stamps had been prohibited.

1: Could the private carriers purchase stamps from the Colombian Governmental Post at reduced prices and was the letter, to be carried by the Private carrier, handed over to the private carrier unfranked? If so, did the Private carrier then affix the national stamps on the letter (purchased at reduced prices from the Colombian Governmental Post) and charge the sender of the letter the full rate?

2: Did the private carrier receive a certain amount per transported letter from the Colombian Governmental Post?

3: did the Colombian Governmental Post subsidize the private carrier?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Philately has lost an outstanding student

This past Friday, September 4, 2009, my dear friend and excellent philatelist, Bill Welch, died from complications following surgery.

Bill was well known in philatelic circles not only for being a past editor of The American Philatelist but also for his award winning exhibits. He won the Gran Prix at the FIAF show in Bogota two years ago. His collection of the Seebeck issues is probably one of the finest in the world.

Bill’s interest in philately was wide ranging although he is best known for his interest in Latin American issues. He had collected the 1875 Taylor issue of the United States, cancellations on the stamps of Peru and the Le Coq press issues, cancellations of Sierra Leone, Australian States and many other areas.

Bill had been editor of several specialist publications and was a gifted writer. He was also a serious researcher and had a deep understanding of printing methods.

Bill was mayor of State College for the past sixteen years and his death leaves a big void in our community as well as the philatelic world.

He will be greatly missed.