Friday, December 25, 2009

Ships calling at El Salvador ports

Several months ago, Guillermo Gallegos, Director of Philately of the SFIES-ACES, visited me and brought along digitized scans of the Diario Oficial of El Salvador. The file is about 47 Gigabytes as it contains over 100,000 scanned pages of the publication from 1845 to 1950.

I have been reviewing the publication and copying any postal and revenue information I discover. This information will be published in the society’s web only journal, El Salvador Filatelico – El Faro. (

As I peruse the pages, I also am extracting information on the ships that called at the various ports in El Salvador. I have produced a file showing the name of the port, the date of being in port, the name of the ship, the country of registry if other than U.S., the place from which it departed or the place of destination and the quantity of mail carried.

I have started with the years of my collecting interest (1906-1917) and have created a pdf file for these years. It can be downloaded at the following URL - The listing probably is not absolutely complete as sometimes pages or entire issues are missing from the file.

I plan on also doing the same for the years 1845 to 1905 and shall post them as time permits.