Sunday, December 28, 2008

Project Cover Log

Some time ago I started working on a master listing of all El Salvador covers I knew about as well as those listed in auction catalogs. I have included only covers bearing an adhesive stamp so postal stationery, stampless covers and such are not included with a few exceptions. I plan on covering the period 1867 to about 1925 and have completed the 1867 - 1874 section and the 1879 section. Unfortunately, I do not have illustrations of all of the covers as some were just mentioned in auction catalogs but without any illustration. Thus, it is also possible there may be some duplication in the listing.

To access the 1867_1874 file click here and you will go to the Project Cover Log folder. Then click on the issue folder. This will take you to that folder and then you can click on the Excel sheet for a listing. By clicking on the “view” link you will he taken by hyperlink to an illustration of the item. You may get a warning about using a hyperlink but you can click on the “continue” button if you do and the illustration will show up.

The 1879 folder can be viewed here. This is a pdf file as I was unable to get the Excel file hyperlinks to work.

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