Friday, December 12, 2008

Seebeck Stamps: Originals or Reprints, A Scientific Method of Classification

A Seebeck stamp - is it an original or reprint?
  • Most collectors use the paper, gum and impresstion to make a determination

Due to the subjective nature of these characteristics a lot of confusion is common. What if there were a scientific method to make such a determination? Well, there is.

  • Years ago I worked with Simine Short using X-ray spectroscopy to see if a such a determination could be made. You can read the article at link on right


  1. I have become fascinated by the Seebeck issues, although I only own a handful and am sure I don't have any originals. What latest info. is there since this work was done in 1992? Has it made identication any easier for the amateur philatelist?

    Gary W.Carbines

  2. I have not done any further work on this subject. The identification is not any easier due to the limited availability of the equipment needed to do the test.