Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Seebeck and U. S. Philately

Seebeck was also involved in U. S. Philately as a stamp dealer. Prior to his involvement with Hamilton Bank Note Company, he ran a successful stamp business. One way to advertise his business was to have “advertising collars” printed around current U. S. postal stationery, which he did for the 1c through 6c denominations for his Vesey Street and Wall Street addresses.

Only the 1-cent is known used, no doubt to send 1-page prices lists primarily to Europe.

Reay envelopes of 1870 –

2-cent Reay envelope of 1870 with the Vesey Street Collar. (3 Vesey Street was a basement shop in the Astor House Hotel, along Broadway in lower Manhattan.

Plimpton envelopes of 1874 (3-cent) and 1875 (5-cent, Die I)

2-cent Plimpton envelope with Vesey Street Collar.

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