Saturday, October 31, 2009

U. S. Philatelic Classics Society

I just returned from viewing the exhibits on display at the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, 4th Annual Postal History Symposium held at the American Philatelic Building in Bellefonte, PA.

As many of the readers of this blog know, I do not collect U.S. stamps at all although I have done so in the past. I am a life member of the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society (RA818) so I do have some knowledge of these issues.

I do not know enough superlatives to adequately describe what I saw. There were so many, unique, only one known, one of two known, one of three known, largest known multiple, etc. that I can not mention them all.

I do enjoy seeing rare and unusual material from anywhere and virtually most of the aristocrats of U.S. classic material were on display. Anyone, who viewed the exhibits and walked away with out being astounded, is in my opinion not a true philatelist.

I am sure that the only venue where you may see such an array of outstanding U.S. classic material would be at an international exhibition.

I want to thank the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society for holding the symposium, the exhibitors for sharing their collections, and the American Philatelic Society for hosting the event. I shall remember this experience as long as I live.


  1. Hello Joe. No valid comparison, but I had the same experience when I happened to visit a meeting of the Collwectors Club in N.Y. in 1985. One of the members were showing covers with very early US stamps. Beautiful. At the end they turned out to be photostats. As one member said. I was just on the point of giving you an offer for the collection. Do not know ift he meant it, but I too was impressed. take care. Svend

  2. Hello, Svend. The 171 frames of exhibits did did not contain photostats. These were the actual items. Even the 1c Z grill was on display.

  3. Hello joe. Oh i did not intend to hint that the items you saw were not the actuel items. What I saw was the nearest I ever got to the real stuff.

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