Saturday, September 12, 2009

Request for Help

A reader of this blog asked a question I do not have an answer for, so I am hoping that someone will be able to do so.

How would the postage costs, consisting of Colombian national stamps, been settled between the private carrier and the Colombian Governmental Post, in the case where the private carrier not had issued its OWN stamps? This question is also valid for the time-period after the private carrier stamps had been prohibited.

1: Could the private carriers purchase stamps from the Colombian Governmental Post at reduced prices and was the letter, to be carried by the Private carrier, handed over to the private carrier unfranked? If so, did the Private carrier then affix the national stamps on the letter (purchased at reduced prices from the Colombian Governmental Post) and charge the sender of the letter the full rate?

2: Did the private carrier receive a certain amount per transported letter from the Colombian Governmental Post?

3: did the Colombian Governmental Post subsidize the private carrier?


  1. A reader of this blog sent me an email with the following comment.

    There was no official government financial agreement other than the authorization to carry mail with the condition that the valid national postage stamp must be on the cover. The carriers collected THEIR fee from the user of their services by means of stamps - their own- or by means of cash payment, noted by some carriers by a handstamp (Santa Fe Bus service, etc)or not at all. Some services started without national postage stamps and were finded or not allowed to operate. There are also some services known that used a small pay slip on reverse of the covers. The fact that a cover shows a carrier cancellation means also that the company had received THEIR fee.
    In other words, the government did not loose, just the opposite as in the 1930s the domestic routes in some areas didn´t exist, and the carrier earned the money which in all legal cases was an additional cost for the user, who had the satisfaction of knowing that the mail reached its destination with efficiency.
    I hope this answers the question.

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