Sunday, August 1, 2010

A reader of this blog has advised me of some additional specialized catalogs for Latin America. Here are the additions:

Samual Klass, 1970, Catalogo de Sellos Postales de la Argentina (with pictures of plate flaws)
Jalil 2009, Catalogo Especializado de sellos postales de la Republica Argentina (no pics of plate flaws, but referenced/indicated)
Teggio 2009,

F. Schiffer (1958) Catalogo de selos do Brasil (with pictures of type and some plate flaws)
S. Leitao (1965) Catalogo de selos do Brasil (types, dents and paper)

A. Barriga (1983 or 1985) Catalogo Colombia

Ciardi (2006) Catalogo Especializado de los sellos del Uruguay .

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